Tuesday, May 6, 2014

half a year you say

V your just turned 6 months how fast is the time going, but at the same time the pace is just right. everyday I've enjoyed your new little giggles the cutest smile.This month you have sat up straighter with no help.You are out growing all your baby things my love and that's perfect with me we will just buy you new ones. You struggle to crawl I know you get fustrated and its ok because I know you'll get it soon you just don't give up I love that about you.

Seems that you don't like home veggies but you do like any other foods that are offered to you !! like when your uncle gave you Doritos ekkk or your dad giving you ice cream you where all about it. I know your teething and it hurts I hope you tooth comes out soon I kinda hate that tooth that is giving you so much pain. 

6 months 
you love vanilla custerd with banana and all veggies just not mommy's hehe
you love your vanity set  you sit there and just play with it a make up lover like your momma 
we love the warmer days with days at the park 
easter was perfect with the family 
you had your baptism 
and you at last grow out of 0-3 little shoes you have the smallest little feet 


love you V

The baptism

your Dad and I wanted to baptize you since you where born. Our faith brought us to you and we have no way of repaying God for this blessing that has been giving to us. The Baptism is a welcoming of our faith you might not know how inportant this day was my love. But you will  we will tell youth meaning and you will feel in your heart .

My little princess you where perfect 

We love you Violet 
Happy baptism 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Roll 0ver

My Violet you rolled over for the first time yesterday this marks a milestone in your life its just a simple roll but the start of  many things that are to come. Before you know it baby girl you will be walking. I'll always be there cheering you on, everyday its something new everyday I fall more more in love with you.

My violet I love from the moon and back 

Happy 5 Months my love 
At five months 
you eat breakfast and lunch your favorite is banana and carrots yummy
loves bath time 
Loves shopping !! being out period loves it
now sits in her high chair at home and resturants
we took our first family trip to Dana point for my birthday it was just perfect can't wait to see more places with you my love
had her first carousal ride that I of course cried   
and smiles with all her heart and make a car sound with your little lips 

what will 6 month have in stored for us V 


March you where perfect thank you for changing my life Violet 

Your mom 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Seasons are changing

The weather is changing the days are getting longer. Since you came into my life nothing has ever felt so right.Your becoming a big girl right in front of my eyes you no longer need my arms around you all the time. Your getting stronger everyday before I know it you will be sitting with no extra pillows. You started your solid food and mornings have a whole new meaning. Getting up to make you breakfast is the highlight to my day.Your little toes don't hit the bottom of your hair chair or your walker but they will.
Now your holding a zippy cup what a surprise, my trips to the store isn't make up anymore its Gerber and apple Juice you love your Bananas in the morning and your carrots in the afternoon.
My Violet seeing you grow enjoying every mintute I wouldn't change it for the world.   

Who was I before you ... but who I am now I wouldn't
 change it for anything  because I'm your mommy 

Love you my violet 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cry baby ~~~

I admit I've became a huge cry baby since having my daughter. And there's no shame here,my daughter received her 4 month shots yesterday and after a week of her having her first actual cold and her first time of having a fever let me just say this week was for me a big cry baby week.
I actually felt like I was running without running shoes or sleeping with my eyes open. From feeling sad,scared to hopeless all these emtions went threw my body. That today my body actually ached threw all the stress I put myself threw. 
And really you make your own situation good or bad stress or stress free 
I decided to go run myself to the ground. I was so stress out but I should have just breathed and know everything was going to be ok its JUST a cold ... I kept on telling myself and it really was. I went to the doctor bought everything I could to relieve my daughter from any pain she might have been feeling. And to top it off her shots that was the last string,her pain brought me to the top and I was a pile of tears.
With her cries I cried with her, it was so sad to see her little body go threw so much it broke my heart ...
I never imagined being a mom brought so many feeling. But it does makes you want to be a better you a super women 
a super mom but all I can give is the best version of myself.I will never for second  be any less then the best mom you can have Violet. 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oh those eyes

you don't know how much you can love until you have a baby took me 31 years to discover this love and nothing in my life has ever felt this perfect . Everywhere I go they tell me Violet has color eyes from Grey to green we will see my love whichever color eyes you have  you are for sure the apple of my eyes You will be forever be my Violet

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Mommy loves you Violet 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A love letter to you

Dearest Violet 

Its your first Valentine today and it was special to have you in our lives .No holiday has ever been the same since you came to our lives.
every holiday is just a bit sweeter,seeing your smile every morning brings sunshine to my life my love.
On this valnetine I want to tell you that you will always be my valentines you took my heart the day you where born.
I've never had such a sweet valentine like you.

I love you baby girl 

Your mom 


Thursday, January 9, 2014

What is Cradle Cap

As a new mother you experience so many new things so fast you have be ready for the unexpected.My new born was getting this flakey dry sudstence on her head after the thrid week of her being in this world. It would run from her head to her forehead,it was driving me nuts.Her second doctors appointment her doctor confirmed that she had cradle cap. Now what is CRADLE CAP  as a mother desperate to seek more information I did my research.Google and I have develpoed a one on one relationship as a mom I look up everything.

So here's what the internet said

from Babycenter.com 
f your baby's scalp has flaky, dry skin that looks like dandruff, or thick, oily, yellowish or brown scaling or crusting patches, it's probably cradle cap. Doctors call it infantile seborrheic dermatitis, and it's very common. 

Cradle cap isn't cute, but it's harmless. It shows up most often in the first few months of life and  usually clears up on its own in about six to 12 months – although some children have it for longer.

You might notice the same condition around your baby's ears or eyebrows, on his eyelids, or even in his armpits and other creases.

SO the good thing it was harmless but the bad thing that it wasn't cute ...

So I was set on a mission to clear my daughter from this Cradle cap the Doc advised me to use extra virgin oilve oil with  a thin brush to brush it out. So I bought a olive oil from trader joe's that would be organic and went to baby R us and purchased a treament for cradle cap. To my surprise there wasn't that much to chose from so I went with little remedies lotion for cradle cap you can find it  cradle cap lotion  

looks like this 

I used both the olive oil and the lotion every other day for to much use to errtate the skin.There has been a huge improvement  but as soon as you feel confident about it being gone BAM it there again . Only time can take Cradle cap away but don't give up this daily olive oil and cream cleaning.

Being a mom doesn't mean your going to know everything it's a learning process. So stay clam and take it one day at a time . 
Stay tune for my next experiance with my sweet baby Violet Ruby, talk to you soon take care