Tuesday, May 6, 2014

half a year you say

V your just turned 6 months how fast is the time going, but at the same time the pace is just right. everyday I've enjoyed your new little giggles the cutest smile.This month you have sat up straighter with no help.You are out growing all your baby things my love and that's perfect with me we will just buy you new ones. You struggle to crawl I know you get fustrated and its ok because I know you'll get it soon you just don't give up I love that about you.

Seems that you don't like home veggies but you do like any other foods that are offered to you !! like when your uncle gave you Doritos ekkk or your dad giving you ice cream you where all about it. I know your teething and it hurts I hope you tooth comes out soon I kinda hate that tooth that is giving you so much pain. 

6 months 
you love vanilla custerd with banana and all veggies just not mommy's hehe
you love your vanity set  you sit there and just play with it a make up lover like your momma 
we love the warmer days with days at the park 
easter was perfect with the family 
you had your baptism 
and you at last grow out of 0-3 little shoes you have the smallest little feet 


love you V

The baptism

your Dad and I wanted to baptize you since you where born. Our faith brought us to you and we have no way of repaying God for this blessing that has been giving to us. The Baptism is a welcoming of our faith you might not know how inportant this day was my love. But you will  we will tell youth meaning and you will feel in your heart .

My little princess you where perfect 

We love you Violet 
Happy baptism