Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Roll 0ver

My Violet you rolled over for the first time yesterday this marks a milestone in your life its just a simple roll but the start of  many things that are to come. Before you know it baby girl you will be walking. I'll always be there cheering you on, everyday its something new everyday I fall more more in love with you.

My violet I love from the moon and back 

Happy 5 Months my love 
At five months 
you eat breakfast and lunch your favorite is banana and carrots yummy
loves bath time 
Loves shopping !! being out period loves it
now sits in her high chair at home and resturants
we took our first family trip to Dana point for my birthday it was just perfect can't wait to see more places with you my love
had her first carousal ride that I of course cried   
and smiles with all her heart and make a car sound with your little lips 

what will 6 month have in stored for us V 


March you where perfect thank you for changing my life Violet 

Your mom 

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