Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cry baby ~~~

I admit I've became a huge cry baby since having my daughter. And there's no shame here,my daughter received her 4 month shots yesterday and after a week of her having her first actual cold and her first time of having a fever let me just say this week was for me a big cry baby week.
I actually felt like I was running without running shoes or sleeping with my eyes open. From feeling sad,scared to hopeless all these emtions went threw my body. That today my body actually ached threw all the stress I put myself threw. 
And really you make your own situation good or bad stress or stress free 
I decided to go run myself to the ground. I was so stress out but I should have just breathed and know everything was going to be ok its JUST a cold ... I kept on telling myself and it really was. I went to the doctor bought everything I could to relieve my daughter from any pain she might have been feeling. And to top it off her shots that was the last string,her pain brought me to the top and I was a pile of tears.
With her cries I cried with her, it was so sad to see her little body go threw so much it broke my heart ...
I never imagined being a mom brought so many feeling. But it does makes you want to be a better you a super women 
a super mom but all I can give is the best version of myself.I will never for second  be any less then the best mom you can have Violet. 


  1. You both look great in your matching headband. I hope some of your stress with go away. take it easy if you can

  2. Candy, both you and your daughter look pretty here. So cute! ^_^